• Distilled and bottle in Iceland

Stuðlaberg Gin

  • Gin


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Stuðlaberg Gin, the most awarded Icelandic gin distilled and bottled in Iceland. Tasting Notes: World Gin Awards 2021 – “A lovely start on the nose with anise, liquorice and citrus, with fantastic juniper definition. The palate is cool and smooth with citrus and cardamom, with a long and harmonious finish. An excellent modern dry gin with a spicy twist.” International Drinnks Specialists 2021 – “Very pronounced, inviting and appetising with citrus, herbs and barbershop notes. Complex and expressive with a harmony between the botanicals. There’s some cooling liquorice, zesty citrus and plenty of high quality juniper. Extra marks for the intensity being so high while the elegance and focus is kept with a great deal of harmony between botanicals on the end. Better and brighter than the previous expressions. Truly World class gin.”


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